Friday, November 23, 2007

Why do the parents love the child

२३ rd November, 2007:

I'm soon going to be a father (somewhere in January) ....

and till today I alaways wondered why do I have so much affection for the little monster that is yet to arrive ... I asked several parents (including my own) why do they love their own child and I got several answers

But before I go any further, I must tell you my definition of Love (BTW, there are already millions available, so doesn't make any difference if theres one more) ... So love for me is something that binds me to a person about whom I know everything (good & bad) and still would like to stay together/in-touch forever ...

Now back to the topic - below are some of the answers I got from parents

1. Its so cute (in case of babies)
2. Because he believes in me (from the parents of kids)
3. Because the my son/daughter loves me (from the parents of grown-ups)
4. Because thats the way mothers and fathers are
and many others

but no answer was satisfying and still I saw that the parents are loving their child with or without any reason. It is like why do we love the contry we are born in.. Its just not because I am born and brought-up in India that I love India... there is something more that I see/experience here and therefore I love Bharat ... but what is that something more...

And today was the one of the Aaa Haa ! moment... it was when I was travelling in a local train....

I was struck with the thought that I love my (yet to be born) child because I see it as an expression of my own soul... it is a like I'm now putting my own soul in someone else's body and extending the reach of my own. I'm giving one more chance to myself to re-live one more life ...

and same applies to why I love this contry। If someone says that he loves his motherland just because he has been born here then he is really not able express his feelings॥ Its just because India is not about mass land, rivers and mountains... India is its people and since I am able to see the my own soul some way or the other in the person sitting next to me or connect in similar fashion to the person anywhere in India.

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