Thursday, August 9, 2012

Leh Diary 6 - Pang

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God didn't create metal so that man could make paper clips! 

Ride, eat, sleep...repeat !

Dol-ma's inn is just similar to many other places on the way except for Dol-ma herself. At about 45-50 with slight grey hairs Dol-ma comes across as a kind-gentle and stout-sturdy person at the same time. Always on move and doing the daily chores with a finesse of a professional. She was already up when I woke after my 'second-sleep' at six a.m. and was doing the plates with cold water in a temp sub 10 deg C. Unlike many other inn's we saw on the way, this was quite clean and I knew the reason soon. After finishing with plates, she cleaned the whole place of smallest piece of the plastic/paper thrown by tourists and passing vehicles. 

We had a leisurely breakfast and when it become apparent to her that we were not really thinking of moving ahead for the day on account of sickness, she just threw her hands in air in despair and told us that its not going to help us any. Its better for us to go ahead and reach Pang (& Leh finally) where we can get good medical care for patients. Its no point spending time to acclimatize to higher altitude when we can reach to a place which does not require any acclimatization. And finally she succeeded to put across this message.. By noon we were ready to leave !

The road from Sarchu (4300 m) to Pang (4600 m) is a elevating road climbing through the Gata loops (22 hairpin bends) at 4,190 m (13,750 ft) elevation and traversing through Nakee La pass at 4,739 m (15,547 ft) and Lachulung La pass at 5,065 m (16,616 ft) elevations. 



Best posture to sleep to avoid AMS - rest in stnading position leaning against support...  

The views of plains and the mountain range was excellent during the entire journey. After Nakee La we passed small descend and then again steep rise to  Lachulung La pass - our highest pass so far. During the descend Puru fell one more time (& last time as this turned out to be last of our accidents) - this time he was driving. Fortunately no further injuries to him and only small dent on the bike front guard. The location was excellent - see blow -  pictures taken of the location from all  angles ! 


We reached Pang by early evening and stayed in a place recommended by Dol-ma which is run by her sister. It was bang opposite to military transit camp which boasts of worlds highest transit camp. We called home from the V-SAT line phone available there. 

Night was better than the one before and had a lot of promise of better days ahead !


Gaurav V said...

I have seen all the parts.. eagarly waiting for the next.. You have superbly written about it.. perfect description and awesome pics.. keep it up.. and please post the next parts..

Nitin Mutha said...

@ Gaurav V - next parts will be posted in latter part of this week.

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