Friday, September 12, 2008

Plastics / Polymer Websites

One quite interesting website about trends in plastics industry is
 It is full of quite surprising facts like 
A drop of plastic keeps the thief away
Many stories have been written on plastics and their relationship with automobiles. Statistics have been published and of course, will continue to appear as long as automobiles and plastics govern our everyday life. Recently, Air Canada’s enRoute magazine (June 2001) noted that more than 50 million new automobiles are made every year adding to the 700 million vehicles that are already running on the world’s roads. Not surprisingly, 500 millions of them are in North America & Europe. According to American Plastics Council (APC), the average 1999 North American car weighed about 1450 kgs and had 117 kgs of plastic. However, this is expected to rise to about 142 kgs by 2009.

What is startling though is the rate of car theft. Report suggests (Newcastle Herald, Aug. 01, 2001) that car theft causes Australia almost AU$1 billion annually only behind Britain. In another news Perth Sunday Times (Aug. 05, 2001) added that almost 70 BMWs – 40 of them from Sydney – have been stolen in the past 18 months. DataDot Technology, a Sydney based company has come up with a unique technology using polymeric adhesive that would reduce the rate of car rebirthing. In turn, cutting the car insurance premium. Typically, over 10,000 microscopic droplets of polyester adhesive, “Datadots” will be sprayed all over car’s parts e.g., exhaust, panels, engine, suspension, seats, door trims, under hood components, dashboard etc. except on the body. Each “Datadots”, is about the size of a sand grain that will be inscribed with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Only one such dot needs to be identified to prove theft. Adhesive dots are invisible to the naked eye and when cured, they are impervious to acids & solvents, petrol, diesel, road salts, water or abrasives. Microdata, the adhesive supplier used an ultra-violet trace, which will glow under a “black” light. Included also, a “rare earth DNA” to protect against counterfeiting. Obviously, BMW Australia group has become the first in the world to use this “Datadots” with all its new cars manufactured from September 2001. Now, Porsche, Tickford, Mitsubishi and Ford have joined BMW and HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) to fight automobile theft 

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