Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Customer complaint - 9503056525

Dear Nodal Officer,


I purchased airtel connection 3 weeks before from following address. The phone number is 9503056525

Bharti Airtel Limited, Vega Centre, A-Building, Shankarseth Road, Next to Income Tax Office, Swargate, Pune - 411 037


This SIM worked only for two days and then stopped working. When contacted with customer care, it was informed that this is due to failed to verify the address.


1. I really doubt that there is any agent who is doing the address verification as we have 5 more SIMs on the same company account on the same address working fine.

2. After several phone calls to customer care, another story was informed that due to migration of some circles the new activation is on hold till 17th July

3. From past three days our company coordinator is visiting the customer relationship center (almost 20 Kms from our office) and getting the reply that it will be done in 2/3 days time

4. From yesterday I’m following this with Ms. Lovelen (9860548595) of Vega center for this. Answers I get is very funny and does not go with the company of the repute of Airtel.

          a. Yesterday (22nd July) I was told that it will be start on today (i.e. 23rd July). Its still not working

          b. In morning (1030 hrs) when I called Ms. Lovelen again to check on the status I get the answer that she was just reached office and whe will call back ‘whenever’ get time.

          c. Irritated by these type of responses, I asked for the name / number of supervisor -  the most surprising answer is there is no boss for me. I’m not answerable to any one.


And I though Mr. Sunil Mittal was running the show at Airtel.


I therefore looking forward to few basic clarifications

1. Who is the real boss at Bharti Airtel - Your customers, Mr. Mittal or Ms Lovelen

2. When will the customer care executives of Airtel will become sincere

3. And if you can – when will my phone start.


I’m putting copy of this on my blog so that many other can get an advance warning. You can check the same here


Dejected customer




Nitin Mutha
Manager -  R & D
Protective Packaging Division
The Supreme Industries Ltd.
Ser # 137/138, 3rd Floor, Astral Court
Near Gaikwad Petrol Pump, Marutrao Gaikwad Nagar.
Aundh Pune 411 007. Maharashtra
Phone +91-20-25890538

Mobile +91-95030 56525 / 9970150953


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